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Grace Homecare - the leading provider of home health care, supplies and equipment.

About Friendly Care

Owned and operated out of Reynoldsburg, Ohio, Friendly Care continues to make strides to become the top Home Care Agency in the State of Ohio. We focus on the non-medical necessities of homebound patients. The trust of our satisfied clients in what we do, keeps us going. We service patients throughout the Columbus, Dayton and Cincinnati regions, along with the counties of Fairfield, Perry and Hocking, all while continuing to expand to reach more clients.

We are held to a certain standard to uphold excellence in the delivery of our care. Our staff shows compassion, respect and dedication to the patient's overall well-being through the attentiveness they show in tending to their needs. 

Friendly Care believes that everyone deserves excellent home care. We recognize the unique physical and emotional needs of each person receiving care in their home. We are guided by providing a tradition of excellence, compassion and respect through the dedication of our personal care.


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